The location, the perfect dress, the guest list, the invitations. Planning for a huge wedding may be overwhelming. Once seen as a alternative for family’s dissaproval, elopement weddings are big trend now in part due to celebrities’ influence. Oftentimes, elopement ceremonies are just the initial event following a celebration with family and friends at a later date. Thinking of a spur-of-the-moment ceremony? These are our top reasons why elopement weddings may be just right for you.

Avoid The Hefty Price Tag

Big weddings equals big budgets. First, one of the main reasons for choosing an elopement wedding is the reduced cost implied in a “just for two” wedding. According to The Knot, the average wedding is now about $33,391 while elopement weddings cost about 10 percent of the average wedding.* Think about how these huge savings can help you get your head start as a married couple whether it would be for the down payment for a house or simply just putting in a savings account.

Elopement Weddings Means Less Anxiety

On one hand, huge, opulent weddings may create high anxiety levels involved with choosing the perfect dress, the wedding party, the ideal venue, the guest lists, sending out invitations, etc. In contrast, ceremonies “just for two” offer a higher level of intimacy than large-scale weddings. Also, eloping allows you to focus on your partner without worrying there would be way too many people on your guest list.

Elopement Weddings in Los Cabos, MexicoYou Are Adventurous

Elopement weddings are a great excuse to travel to an amazing destination. Namely, Los Cabos is among the top destinations for elopement weddings due to its undeniable beauty and contrasting natural landscape with mesmerizing beach locations in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Another reason why Los Cabos is considered a top destination to elope is the convenient flight connectivity with flights arriving to the main cities of USA, Canada and Mexico operating more than 250 flights per week. Los Cabos also offers endless venues for an unforgettable wedding from traditional chapels to gorgeous beachfront terraces to restaurants with amazing scenery. Plus traveling for an elopement ceremony also means the honeymoon is included. What can be better!

Destination Elopement Wedddings in Los Cabos

Memorable Ceremonies

Even though spontaneity plays a crucial role in elopement weddings, this does not mean that no planning is not needed. Wedding planners can creat worry-free wedding ceremonies that allows you and your partner to solely enjoy the destination. Our weddings planners at Infinity Weddings are experienced in elopement weddings and can help you with your special ceremony to make it just as memorable as you had imagined.

Have you decided that eloping may be just right for your wedding? Our experienced team of professionals at Infinity Weddings would be sure to create a memorable elopement wedding. Contact our Director, Fatima Falcon and find your passport!

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Special mention to he following event professionals for making this amazing wedding happen.


Venue: The Resort at Pedregal
Photography: Julieta Amezcua
Hair and Make up: Los Cabos Makeup 
Floral Design: Let It Bloom