At Infinity Weddings we believe in all types of families and all types of couples. We stand for love in every shape or form. To us, love is love. Our professional wedding planners have vast experience executing same-sex ceremonies flawslessly. We understand that same-sex wedding planning is unique, and that is why we wanted to address some FAQs regarding same-sex wedding planning.

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How to incorporate religion into the ceremony?

If religion is important to you, then we encourage you to incoporate it during your the ceremony. Do your research as some faiths are stricter than others. You can also add your own spin on religious texts.

What should we wear?

Whatever you want! There are really no rules. It all depends on you and your partner: Two tuxedos, two wedding weddings, one suit and one dress. It’s really up to you. Here are some examples of outfits for inspiration. Click here

How is walking down the aisle for same-sex weddings?

Again, this is really up to you; you and your partner can make the arrangements that you desire. One person waits by the altar for the other partner to walk down the aisle. The couple walks together, hand-in-hand, or down the aisle or you you arrange two aisles and walk simultaneously.

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Why should you consider Los Cabos for your memorable same-sex wedding?

Los Cabos is considered a top-destination wedding spot. There are plenty of luxurious resorts that are LGBTQ friendly in Los Cabos and feature all amenities and services to accommodate your guests. Plus Los Cabos’ versatility offers endless options for your wedding, from casual to elegant, from traditional chapels to gorgeous beachfront terraces to restaurants with amazing scenery, or opulent ballrooms. One of the latest wedding trends now is hosting an organic celebration in outdoor areas such as gardens and farmlands.

Could same-sex couples be legally married in the state of Baja California Sur?

Yes. The day of June 27, 2019, in the eve of the International LGBT Pride Day, will go down in the history of Baja California Sur as it was when the State Congress achieved reforms to the local Civil Code that allowed same-sex marriage without having to promote trials.* We couldn’t be happier for all of the couples that can now legally say “I do.”

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As great as the idea of a Los Cabos wedding is, you’ll need to plan it in detail to make it the success you’ll want it to be. If you want a really memorable wedding in this breathtakingly beautiful Mexican destination, you’ll need the help of a professional wedding planner to make everything smooth and organized. We can certainly help you arrange it just the way you have envisioned yours. Need some answers to your questions, contact our Director Fatima Falcón at

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