There are different ways to organize a party that lives up to expectations. But, among the multiple different ways event planners try to spice up their parties, only a few can really come close to the splendor and beauty of an al fresco Mexican modern dinner.

When you want to go the extra mile and have this done in an exotic locale like we’ve done, you would truly experience the freshness and coolness of enjoying delicious food and drink under the sky or maybe –the friendly, shining sun.

We took our collective excellence to a whole new level in this collaboration with these amazing vendors across different industries in the Mexican hospitality sector.

Florenta, the florist that knows and delivers the right bouquet for every occasion, Let It Be Rentals, the vendor you turn to when you need to rent quality equipment for a hitch-free event, Acre Restaurant, a restaurant that offers a spacious outdoor area for events, and then Julieta Amezcua, the kind of photographer you’ll rely on to capture all the moments as they unfold during your big days, as well as Momentos Wedding Planner, the one true solution to planning a memorable Los Cabos wedding.

Just as you would expect, this super collaboration between all five of us yielded what you would want and more from the perfect and exotic, al fresco Mexican modern dinner.

The first thing that will strike your attention here is the beautiful iron Mexican chandeliers which had been gracefully decorated with greenery to give the stage the romantic feel you’ll want in a perfectly planned wedding. The atmosphere, though modern and clean was still very romantic.

We did play around with tones and were able to get our smoky goblets to give the perfect shadows to the truly Mexican table décor. The granite grey Glidden plates with the pattern blue napkin, and all –giving the overall look that fancy and clean Mexican style we have come to love.

The modern woody chair blended perfectly with the equally modern equipal table vase and nothing could have been more beautiful than our Mexican laton stars which made for an attention-grabbing centerpiece.

We did achieve what we set out to do which was to showcase the beauty of the outdoor space of Acre Restaurant, with the modern Mexican tiles.

Playing around with colors, the blue, white, and gray color scheme was indeed fun to play with. Our perfectly-made Mexican equipal tables shone brightly in this incredible styling shoot with the super-talented Julieta of

This surely came across with the very Mexican tone and brilliance we had envisaged when we started out! It was great fun setting this super-lit atmosphere that would make any party come alive.

Styling Shoot by Infinity Weddings & Momentos Weddings in collaboration with:

Flowers and décor: Florenta
Rentails : Let It Be
Venue : Acre
Photo: Julieta Amezcua