As wedding planner, despite having so many years in the wedding industry, I always like to be updated and find out the new trends for each season and learn about better tools to optimize my job as a wedding planner at Infinity Weddings. Last year I attended the LVL Academy in Orange County, California. It was a 3-day intensive course where I had an extremely rewarding experience.

The first day we met Heather and Lindsay, owners and Wedding Planers of LVL Weddings. They are very renowned planners, and once I read the program of their workshop, I was immediately drawn from the beginning. Previously, I had come to this workshop for the Sketchbook Series. This is workshop was a recommendation, and they were right.

LVL Academy Wedding Planner Workshop in Orange County

First, upon arrival at the 1912 location, we got a welcome bag with a lot of goodies for planners as part of our material. I just love their style because it’s fresh, innovative and very girly. (Here is a picture of a bag that says LVL with several props for planners).

Wedding Planner WorkshopAfterward, we analyzed the wedding and destination market. Heather led this activity. There was a lot of feedback from all the planners, and I just loved it! We had a conference panel with Hoo Films and Garret Richardson to talk about photo and wedding themes. At the end of the day, we had a dinner in charge of 24 carrot catering and flower decoration by Isari.

Infnity Weddings Director attending a workshop The second day we had some guest planners like Paula Laskelle, Jason Roars, and Gianna San Filippo. It was amazing to hear these professionals share their experiences with us about important issues in the world of weddings.

In the afternoon we had two sessions that fascinated me!

1 – In charge of Isari Flower Studio, basic theme to make bouttonieres! It sounds simple, but I loved to lose the fear of flowers and being able to do a couple of bouttonieres on my own; that was ‘WOW’ for me.

2- Love the styling shoot class! It’s incredible how you can change the idea of ​​something you always do in a certain way and someone comes along and tells you that you can do it differently and voila! I loved the kind of styling by Lorely Meza; it reflects the passion and creativity that she has to make her photos with style.

3- I repeated the sketching session by Very Mary Inspired! I discover myself with this kind of classes.

These were three back-to-back classes filled with creativity, and I learned that I can stop my mind, take it away from the planning side, which is the part that I dominate, and I can just relax and let my creativity flourish. I was fascinated by these classes. This day we also had a sensational dinner in charge of 24 carrot catering.

On day tree, we had a master class by JP Reynolds. He is a minister of ceremonies; his talk was beyond the services of a minister, but more about life lessons, which made his class so enriching. In addition, we had a session on how to tie knots and bows by Friartux! It was very fun and enjoyable session where I learned about trends for gentleman suits and ways to tie knots depending on the type of suit, whether tie or bow. We reviewed with Heather the protocol of rehearsal ceremony and cake cutting. It may sound easy, but everything in the process of planning a wedding has a reason why.

Wedding Planner Workshop attended by our Director Fatima Falcon

Definitely, these were 3 enriching days I hold in my heart. I met divine people from all over the American union, people with many dreams and hopes that, just like myself, thrive to continue making our clients happy and to acquire more tools to do our job as wedding planner better every day. I think it is important to never stop learning even if you think that it is a subject that you already master. It is always very delightful to discover new ways of doing your work and to keep up with the fashion trends in the wedding planning industry.

Credits: LVL Academy:

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